urbanism: a compendium of 75 finalists for the urbanism awards 2007-13 by David Rudlin, Rob Thompson and Sarah Jarvis

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Rob has extensive experience of working on developing strategy and policy documents.

At Sheffield City Council Rob developed the urban design policies for the Core Strategy, and worked closely with planners on the development of development guidance. Rob worked in close collaboration with consultants Urbed on developing their 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize winning essay on Garden Cities to explore how this might work in a city context in Sheffield, which sought to evaluate how a range of  different solutions might be employed to accommodate 100,000 new homes over the 20 years.

When working for Planit, Rob was the lead urban designer on the development of the Manchester Residential Quality Guidance  in collaboration with Deloitte and RTKL Callison, which recently won the RTPI North West Overall Award and Innovation Award. The concept has been to make a user friendly, flexible and engaging guide that will set a measurable benchmark for residential design across the city, and that can work across all development types.

Rob is currently working with the BBEST Neighbourhood Group on developing its Character Appraisals.