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About Us

rtu. rob thompson urbanism started with one goal in mind: Making sense of place.


From being a teenager walking to school in Edinburgh I have grown a love of place.

The drama and fun to be had in streets, spaces and buildings; the way the built environment can have a powerful impact on how we act and feel and the attachment and memories we develop.

Rob Thompson Urbanism is interested in helping to design environments that enable people to develop an attachment to a place, grounded in four core values. 


Use the ingredients 

Understand and work with the past, just as much as making sure that what happens now makes a positive contribution in the future. Physical, social and environmental well-being is linked to what we value. 


Appreciate the Scale 

Seeing the big picture as well as the fine detail; understanding how a place or initiative fits into the surrounding context while also understanding the need to resolve the details that make the difference. 

Understand the legacy 

Reducing the impact of proposals, helping to shape and change behaviour to promote healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet. 

Maximise the experience 

Seeking opportunities for people to interact with others and enjoy the emotions that come with social contact and proximity. The delight that comes from the dramatic juxtaposition, the glimpsed view or gradual is part of what makes a place special, somewhere that lives long in the memory, makes us ponder and draw an emotional attachment.

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