Design critique, Engagement, Masterplans, Sketch visuals, Strategy, Urban Design

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Design critique

Asking the right questions

Rob has extensive experience of offering design advice and acting as a critical friend on numerous projects. 

A keen eye for both the bigger picture and for the detail, Rob can offer a fresh perspective and insight, providing constructive and positive advice and exploring practical solutions to enable good development with an emphasis on placemaking and local distinctiveness.


Understanding from others

Getting an insight into how a place works for the communities that live and work there is fundamental in helping to develop ideas that can make a difference. 

Listening to those who know the area inside out is critical to being able to work with them to help imagine a different future that can enhance their lives. 



Seeing the picture

A Masterplan needn't be set in stone and prevent other things from happening, but done well it should be a strong framework that can help shape the future of a place and be something that communities and stakeholders support.

Sketch visualisations

Helping others imagine

Hand drawn sketches have the capacity to bring a proposal to life.

This can be a valuable tool at all stages of a project: from developing working ideas through to realising schemes for presentations. 

By imagining proposals both at birds eye and also at street level it is possible to imagineoneself in the space, something that can be done from anything between some quick thumbnails to a realised sketch of the proposals.

Using our urban design skills we can help provide design solutions, and through a variety of media, we can help you to make sense of and bring the best out of your ideas. 

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Making connections

Rob has extensive experience developing strategy and policy documents. 
Places are complex and it is important tp understand how they work for all users, thinking about the present, medium and long term. 
Critical within this is making connections between things, seeing linkages and opportunities that can add value for residents, communities and neighbourhoods.

Urban Design

Understanding place

rtu. works on a range of urban design projects at all scales: from coastal strategies involving different communities to town-wide masterplans, neighbourhood briefs and area action plans. 

Each of these scales provides opportunities to understand the bigger picture and the smaller yet hugely significant details that affect peoples' lives, health and wellbeing.

rtu. seeks to make these connections and inform these interrelationships.